We believe every moment is special, but not every moment needs to be shared with everyone.

Your moments on cimplur are private by default.

Sharing on cimplur is built around networks you create. You choose who is in each of your networks. Friends can be in one or more of your networks.

As you create your moments in cimplur you can share them with one or more networks. Only people in those networks can see that moment.

We believe your life didn't start today.

When you add moments to cimplur you can select the date when the moment happened. Share the most important moments in your life regardless of when they happened. You can use this feature to pass on the stories about yourself and your family to the next generation.

View by time of year

As you build your timeline of moments, you can view them by time of year (day and month). When you select a date to view, cimplur shows you only moments from around that date.

You can use this feature to see your kids first day of school or Christmas morning from every year all at one time.

Filter by friend

Your cimplur stream contains all the moments you create and all the moments that are shared with you.

If you want to only look at your moments or moments shared with you by one of your friends you can filter moments by yourself and / or friends.

View chronologically

You can view your moments by the order they were added to cimplur or chronologically by the date the moment happened.

We are committed to transparency.

We respect your privacy. We won't sell your data or show you advertisements.

If someone wants to share with you on cimplur, it is free for you to view the moments they share with you. It is also free for you to create and view moments for yourself.

To share your moments with your networks, you will need a Premium plan. An Individual Premium plan is $24 per year. You can buy a Friends and Family Premium plan to enable 6 people to share for $48 per year. You can add additional people to your Friends and Family plan for $7 per person.

If you have any Premium plan you can share with anyone on cimplur - not just others in your plan.